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Submitted on
August 9, 2012


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~*Commission Prices*~

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 9, 2012, 12:08 AM
Hobbyist General Artist

Comment Skin

Cog Mini Pixel by GasaraCOMMISSIONS ARE CLOSEDCog Mini Pixel by Gasara

I included how much it will be in both for convenience though.

~ If you pay in Paypal, I will only take USD. (I might take something similar though, like if it was $1 canadian money, it would only take three cents off.)
~ If you pay in Paypal, I will ask you how you want to pay, due to all the transaction fee stuff. I will probably add the fee to the price you pay, but I heard there are options such as family/friends and it's all just a huge confusion :0 I'm also looking into something where you can send Invoices, which seems good!! 
~ $1 = 100 :points:

What I Will/Will Not Draw:
~ I will not draw gore, nudity, or maturity. Certain other things too. Note me if you think I won't draw what you want.
~ I'm best at animals, specifically canines. I'm decent with cats and birds too. I can also draw humans, but I'm way more proficient with animals. :0
~ I will change your character's markings slightly if I think they are too complicated. I might also adjust the colors, like if I need to shade black or something, or if the colors are super neon and they are all over the char. o:

How to Commission and Other Information:
~ Just comment, or note me. I will link the finished product on your page once I am done.
~ Feel free to request a pose or something, and I'll do my best.
~ Sorry if I take a long time, but homework and life comes first!! :'c

;v; feel free to ask for something that's not on here!!
i can draw humans too if you're ok with the fact that im nowhere near as good with humans as i am with animals

ONLY ONE SLOT PER ITEM. If you get two things, it'll take two slots, three things, three slots, etc....

✄- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Commission Slots(3-5 MAX):
2. ---
3. ---

Icons- $5/500 :points:
+$3 for animation
+$3.50 for background(experimental)
+$2 for shading
+couple icons are $9.50
PC -- notitlepls by rainfreezerPC~ mermen swimmin in te ocean by rainfreezer AT -- i defy gravity woo by rainfreezer AT(2/2) -- fairest of them all by rainfreezerPC -- blahhhhehuuuu by rainfreezer AT -- together through pain by rainfreezer PC -- peaches and oranges by rainfreezer PC -- fml by rainfreezer PC(2/2) -- gorgeous by rainfreezer pc: i just can't wait to be king by rainfreezer

Menu Sprite/Mini Icon- $1/100 :points:
AT(3/3)- i'm the prettiest by rainfreezer PC -- dancedance by rainfreezer PC -- arranges the blocks by rainfreezer PC -- almonds by rainfreezer

Pixel Doll(300x300 or less)- $15/1500 :points:
+$7 for animation
+$5 for shading
+$9 for background
AT -- snow royalty by rainfreezer AT -- how beautiful the world can be by rainfreezer com: monster by rainfreezer pc(1/2): your majesty by rainfreezer pc(2/2): love me or love me not by rainfreezer

Sketch- $2/200 :points:
wip: vent by rainfreezer asuna by rainfreezer

Colored Sketch- $12/1200 :points: (normal shading or painted style :[example])
jackdaw speedpaint by rainfreezer

Watermarks- $2/200 :points:SWEET-ness Icon 04 by Gasara
23 by rainfreezer Watermark by rainfreezer 2 by rainfreezer

Chibis(sticker look optional)(size can vary unless specified)- $7/700 :points:
+$4 for shading
+$5 for small background
trade: ending disaster by rainfreezer

Transparent Drawing(sticker and pixelated bg looks optional)(size can vary unless specified)- $10/1000 :points:
+$6 for shading
AT// soul knight by rainfreezerat: fire in the sky by rainfreezerat: as a galaxy by rainfreezer at: paper tiger by rainfreezer at: flower crown by rainfreezer

Screenshot/Headshot Simple Background- $13/1300 :points: (screenshot frame optional)
+$7 per additional character
+$5 for complex background

(no examples)

Screenshot/Full-Body Simple Background- $30/3000 :points: (screenshot frame optional) (grayscale may be cheaper) SWEET-ness Icon 04 by Gasara
+$20 per additional character
+$10 for complex background
at: tranquility by rainfreezer at: lake twas sitis by rainfreezer at: don't you worry by rainfreezer project k by rainfreezer happy birthday georgia! by rainfreezer 
going anywhere by rainfreezer

Designs- $8/800 :points:(depends on complexity)
ce: prince thing by rainfreezer CE: Air/Bird Wolf design CLOSED by rainfreezer AT- so many colorful fins by rainfreezer


icon by rizusaur

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Esaki Nov 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ahh, may i please order a menu sprite? ;a;
They are so cute it hurts >u<
It would be of my fursona RiverRottie!…
rainfreezer Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
im sorryy everything is closed right now!! D:
i'd love to once i start getting things done though >_<
Esaki Nov 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ohhh sorry! ;A;
The only reason i commented was the third spot on the journal was open D8
SO sorry >u< Perhaps it for the best as im short on points now lol
But next time ;p Thank you!
rainfreezer Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh haha yeah
i don't fill them up all the time; in this case it was just that i had finished one uvu

no worries at all! (: 
aha yes!! no problem~
RainbowAurora Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;n; i have a feeling these are closed…

but i'd seriously love to commission a watermark from you when you're open
rainfreezer Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah they are D:

thank you so much!!
i hope to get down to business and finish my owed art soon i've literally dragged some of them out almost a whole year ;m;
RainbowAurora Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahaha you're very welcome! <33

Oh my gosh, me too… I feel so bad about it too! (but for some reason that never guilts me into doing it..)
I held a contest that started last November and I have yet to finish prizes for people D<span:
But school takes up so much time, uggghhhhhh

btw I love your icon that rizu made <33 its so cute!!!
(i also always see you commissioning people, where does all your money come from?!)
rainfreezer Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL yeah omg

;u; haha not reallyyy
im kinda poor now i haven't done commissions in a while LOL

it's all points though!! and i try not to spend them much so they build up eventually :D
RainbowAurora Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fff-- but i don't get le customersssssssss

b/c i'm not popular like youuuuuu (le sob story--ignore)

but yea i like me dem points

gots me about 400 rn

excuse the lame in the air, that's me
rainfreezer Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
aww haha

eventually as your art quality rises, FEEL FREE to boost the prices

and a tip of mine is to make a lot of friends! eventually you'll be more known~
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